Hello and welcome to my Efolio. My name is Jacques Donaldson I am a graduate of Holy Cross College at Notre Dame, Indiana. I earned a Bachelor's degree in business and minored in both communications and marketing. I presented my Senior Capstone Monday May 6, 2013. If you are un aware of what a capstone is, left click Holy Cross College Four Pillars link located at the top of this page. In this section of my efolio there is a link titled Senior Capstone. This page will give individuals a description of the capstone foundation.

The theme I chose for my Efolio "Closer to My Dreams I'm moving upward and onward and beyond all I can see" means that dreams are real all you have to do is believe. I am a dreamer, a dreamer that one day all my hopes and dreams become my reality.

 To graduate from Holy Cross College students are required to construct an Efolio. An Efolio is an electronic portfolio that says a lot about an individual in so little words. Potentially, Efolio is a tool for employers to view an individual.

 The way I became a saint was simple. I applied, and I got in. I was one of the first recruits for the first Women's Basketball Program here at Holy Cross College back in 2009. The fact that I would be a part of history made my decision worthwhile. The day I became a Saint was the start of something new. I would enter a school where my experience would matter and true enough, it did.

 I am aware that in order to accomplish great things we must dream as well as act. I am an individual with a mindset to go forth and conquer. I want to make the best of myself even if it means falling. With the opportunities and experiences Holy Cross has given me, I strongly believe that every day I try I am a step closer to my dreams.